Red Rush

Red Rush – Ahmedabad

Visiting Ahmedabad, staying at Formule1 had seen this place and were also told that they would deliver in the room.

Returning from Ambaji and feeling a bit peckish, decided to give it a try, given the fact that it was from the well regarded ‘Honest Snack’ chain entered.

Just a table occupied but by a pretty large group, were immediately seated with the usual question “Sir, Mineral water” Got past that, asking for chilled water for myself & room temperature for wife – promptly give but vice versa and in opposite glasses, since we were on a table for four.

The menu was pretty exhaustive with Gujju creativity at its best,

Creative Menu

Creative Menu

With the wide range offered :I decided to stick to basics, Garlic bread with cheese – pretty decent, with amul cheese, they forgot the chillies requested; Potato wedges with herbs & salsa – very very good, in fact much better than the pretentious places in Bombay; Vegetarian burger – excellent with the patty crisp and nice, loaded with coleslaw, bit of cheese, though the accompanying french fries were soggy and not worth it.

Then came the innovative surprise, along with the invoice they had a sticker “Review us on Zomato” Quite honest and cute actually.

Review us

Review us

On the manager/steward – some four of them floating around – being asked, what was zomato, what review etc. were pretty much clueless and said, we are advertising there so please fill it up.

Location: Formule 1, Ahmedabad
Meal: Snack
Food: 8/10
Service: 8/10
Damages: Approx 400 for 2

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