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Should I compile my selective tweets in a Book?

After quite a back and forth of emails, I finally met Nirav at Bru World Cafe in Bandra yesterday.

I reached quite late but he was kind enough not to send me reminders, but patiently wait.

Our discussions ranged from blogs to blogging platforms to monetization, to influencers, competitive landscape, brands, growth, thought leadership.

Actually, to be fair discussion meant, me talking and he politely listening (something I seem to be doing more often these days).

Suddenly, he made a comment, that completely threw me off “Some of your tweets are so good, that I would like to read them in sequence, relate them to some problem, maybe ask more; but the twitter search and other search does not allow me to do this, but a blog post that can be saved to Pocket, tagged would be great” and set me thinking.

I am not so disciplined to be able to write a blog post everyday summing up relevant thoughts, but what Nirav said made sense.

According to me personally, the following categories or my tweets about them seem quite relevant — Food, Observations, Consumers, Entrepreneurs, Corporate world, Leadership, Marketing.

Now if I were to take my tweets for each year from the time I began, convert to xls, segregate them into particular categories and attempt a flow, print a book, ebook — would there be takers? Readers? I am not looking at making profits from this, but it would involve a fair amount of effort — physical and financial.

How many would actually pay, making it worthwhile to undertake such an exercise?


  • not a fan of anaggh July 19, 2014 at 5:16 am

    Anaggh man, I don’t like your blog bro. Your review on sofitel was useless and uninspiring. buck up. please dont compile your tweets into a book, it will be a bad book.

    • Anaggh July 22, 2014 at 9:17 am

      Thank you for being so honest. I hope you find the time to read my other posts and guide me also. So that I can improve.

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