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Another interesting website, that was launched a couple of months ago. I had treated it as some element of competition, till the time I was working – respect, tempered with disdain, hoping that they were not able to ramp up. However, I knew that the element of focus would enable them to ramp up.

Visiting the website a month ago, liked the Bar shelf and promptly forgot about it, once I saw the credit card charges for other stuff I had bought.

On the 9th we were bringing in the birthday of a dear friend and had wines from Fine Wines and more stable. And everyone started criticizing me that I look after Single Malts and other liquor better than I do for wine. To add insult to the injury, my wife reminded me about the bar shelf.

So the next working day 12th November, I checked Urban Ladder and found that it was still available, ordered, keeping in mind the delivery commitment on the site. Continue reading →

Fabfurnish vs Zansaar

There has been a mushrooming of sites in the past year or so and I’ve always had itchy fingers wanting to evaluate some of them (not having enough money to evaluate all of them).

For some reason, in spite of having enough glasses to drink, I am always on the lookout to add to the collection, maybe give away old stuff (because they never seem to break) And so decided to try out Fabfurnish & Zansaar, whose email offers (never have subscribed to them) were hammering my inbox.

I decided to try a bit of face off between both of them. Hence, I ordered the same items from both of them. Continue reading →

Do customers misuse Social Media?

Disclaimer: This has been written in my capacity of a consumer.

This is a question that increasingly being debated on Twitter – the platform for opinions – and have been a part to it. Whilst, the conversation have been heated at times, I have always preferred to “move on” (polite way of saying disengage from the conversation), when it becomes too passionate.

One of the chief advocates Girish Mallya believes that the above is definitely the case.

Over the past couple of years, I have had many instances of problems and negligent customer service, where I have had to use my rolodex to get action initiated. I have always used the specific escalation method, however there are times, when it jsut does not work. Continue reading →

Da Milano speak italian only….

Da Milano one of the fastest growing retail chain, giving a tough fight to Hidesign etc. etc. is someone who has received respectable business from me over the past year or so.

As a normal AD Policy, I do not give out my mobile number to any retailer, however they seem to have bought out the entire Airtel database and hence received an SMS from them on 11th June 2011 at 14:10 “First Time Ever!! Da Milano brings EXCHANGE OFFER. Get your ANY old bags, wallets and belts and get 20% off at Da Milano. Offer valid all across India” Continue reading →

Tata Motors…..the finale

The previous parts of Tata Motors saga were blogged here, here & here.

Finally, the vehicle was delivered on the 6th July. Unfortunately, the number plate was incorrect

Instead of MH 02 BR 4108 it was just 408 and that too both sides.

And, after so much of arguments they had left behind a key, which after due apologies they promised to deliver the next day.

The next day arrived soon after and besides a flurry of mails asking that “we heard that the car has been delivered” received a call from Mr. Shashank Mulye of Tata Motors who agreed, assured etc. and also generously waived off the Rs. 7000/-.

As things stand today, after a week having passed, the keys are still awaited. I am just unable to understand what exactly is wrong with Tata Motors?

Tata Motors….Trouble blows up…..

I have earlier blogged about Tata Motors here & here

To continue the saga….

Twitter friends helped out with some email ID, to which I wrote and one Ashmita Pillay responded with having forwarded the complaint to customer service and asking for contact numbers, that I provided. Around 12:50 pm on 5th July one Ravi called up from Service, listened to my litany of issues and said he would get the Sales in charge to investigate. Continue reading →

Tata Motors Saga….the trouble begins…..

I had blogged about Tata Motors Saga… the beginning here.

On the 3rd July, we were leaving around 12 noon, when Mayuresh from Fortune motors calls “M’am your car is not ready, I have been trying your number since morning, it may be ready by tomorrow or so, I will call and inform you” My wife could not speak at all, I took the phone and asked to speak to the manager, the phone went dead. We drove from Lokhandwala to Marol Andheri East which is 45 minutes away and there was no call back.

On reaching, I asked for the owner, luckily being a slow day, there were no barriers and we managed to meet him. Mr. Sanjay Chandra received us, listened to us, looked at the system and started apologizing, accepting his staff had goofed up on the following counts:

1) Giving false commitment
2) Invoice paid on 21st June but car not ordered.
3) Letter of authority not taken for fund transfer till the 29th of June
4) No documentation done for RTO registration till 29th of June
5) RTO person on leave, nobody else referred etc. etc.
6) Accessory approval delay Continue reading →

Tata Motors Saga…..the beginning….

A month ago, my wife started acting a bit suspicious, but after supporting me for god knows how many years, I felt she deserved it.

One fine morning on the 18th June, she threw a bomb shell “I am buying a car and it will be delivered in a week – 10 days” Whoa! where did you get the money? Which car? Why now? all were thrown out of the window and I knew it was a losing battle for me.

My enthusiasm waned a bit when I heard ‘Indica’ not that the car was bad, in fact like it much better than the old esteem and have traveled quite a lot in it; but more from the service horrors that I had heard being related. But I felt extremely happy and proud of her, because this was her first car bought with her own savings, in her own name. Continue reading →