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Quintoapp – thoughts

A couple of weeks ago, lying in bed at a Hospital 🙂 Read that here I was cleaning up Apps on my iPhone and MotoG, also reading about some new ‘Disrupters’ in the food space. Tweeted some thoughts about them, one being QuintoApp. A couple of tweets, messages reminded me that it was founded by Sahil who had met me…

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Creamy Pasta

Italy in a Box

I had heard and seen this place, and been wanting to try it out, but could never get some company to try it out, with wife being finicky about continental not being ordered in. But last week got an opportunity, and did so. The phone was attended promptly and order taken quite decently, what with the menu numbered, becomes easier…

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Nice Packaging


A fortnight back, I received a tweet, FB message and introduction from a friend about MaSwad asking me if I would try them out and give them some feedback. Given the fact that it was in Malad – out of jurisdiction for me, both from office and residential perspective – I was a bit hesitant and said so. The entrepreneurs…

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White owl brewery & bistro

We had been invited to try this out, and somehow could not make it the first couple of days; with a bit of miscommunication, decided to check it out on Monday. We (me, Yashesh and Gaurav) reached there. I mostly hate going into India Bull centre because of the attitude of security, as if they were doing me a favour…

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Thoughts on Food Groups

It was the last couple of weeks, when I met different people and a couple of them asked me the question Why don’t you come over for the group meets; It would be good to have you over one of these days That set me to thinking about how many groups are there in Bombay and how are they different,…

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Aloo vada

Smaaash, Lower Parel

Disclaimer: This was an ex client for 1+99 experience consulting and hence tried multiple times; earlier as mystery try outs, then with changes and subsequently again as mystery. Smaaash an activity center which has football, cricket, bowling, paintball etc as bonding games along with food and bar facilities also. We have tried out different items on the menu over the…

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2014-07-27 00.02.04

Neel, Andheri

A restaurant that has been operational since a while in Mahalakshmi. Always planning, but just the thought of driving or reaching there exhausts me. And it remained on my list. Finally an outpost of the main one, opened a while back, very close to my house, heard good things about it and have been meaning to go there but somehow…

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Naan in istri

Lucknow, Food & Folklore

A week ago, late night tweets with Chef Ranveer Kalyan and Adarsh and an impromptu plan suggested by Chef and an invite led the three of us to Novotel for a specially cooked Lucknowi food. With a miss on Wednesday, rains playing usual mischief on Thursday, we finally reached Novotel. Whilst waiting for Adarsh, Kalyan, Ranveer and me had quite…

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Kulcha Chole

Sion Chembur Food Drive

Chatting over coffee with CJ, Ranjit and Anupam the discussion turned towards food as usual and a spur of the moment plan to eat in Sion and Chembur happened with CJ the leader. Anupam dropped out due to child duties, so Jain was called and he reached earlier than we did, given the excitement of his love to try out…

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