Bandra Terminus – Torture

I had first visited Bandra Terminus the first time 15 years ago.

The last couple of years there was never a need to go there. Today went to drop my parents on their way to gujarat.

Taking the juhu lane road, which is being done up, then on to flyover, highway, trying to get on the road from bandra, no right turn….so going ahead, finally managing to just catch the train. The return was also bad.

The terminus itself is a complete chaos, with just 2 traffic constables whistling away. Tempos, coolies, rickshaw & taxi drivers rule the roost. A total of 4 hours to & fro!!!

Return to Dadar

The wife had gone to Tirupati and was returning by chennai – bombay express, so went to Dadar to pick her up. Reached pretty early, having been reading & hearing about how security has been beefed up; checking has been happening; it will take time to reach the station etc.Visiting Dadar TT after nearly 10 years, found it a bit clean……that is all……

The same nexus of coolies; taxi drivers; traffic constables turning a blind eye, government car flouting rules & what have you!!!

The home gaurds, security were lazing around, no directions to go through the metal detectors, absolutely nothing……Hoping to share this with Photographs……remember…..A photograph is a thousand words…..merrily clicked them on my phone; except the constable, nobody objected, so here goes the saga…..

Cops scribbling