1+99 experience consulting


Assist clients, to understand, evaluate and solve their challenges from a different dimension with a unique perspective.

In the post pandemic world “Customers believe other customers the most”.

Gartner predicts, 50% of consumer product investments will be redirected towards consumer experience innovation.

Customer’s expectations of experience continue to grow.

Think Amazon vs Flipkart

Apple vs Samsung

Amex vs Mastercard

Zomato vs Swiggy

A service brand thrives or dies because of the experience it creates not because of its product.

Differentiating your brand in the 21st Century.

Customer Experience is the biggest differentiator.

Great experience and a delighted customer > Marketing

In the Post COVID world, Three Big customer opportunities have opened up.

Do you have the right partner to exploit them?

Opportunity One:

Customer Retention through engaging experiences

55% of customers would be willing to pay extra to guarantee better service instead of just opting for lower price


The average dissatisfied customer will tell 9-15 people about their negative experiences.

Opportunity Two:

Gaining Mindshare disproportionate to communication spend and current marketshare.

On the Internet:

1% Create

9% Curate

90% Share

A single event can change brand perception overnight!

Opportunity Three

Using Social conversation for customer acquisition/retention

“A social customer will tell an average of 24 people about a positive customer experience”

Defaqto Research


The partner who understands the rules of post-pandemic markets.

A consultancy where the leader has run successful brands and businesses himself

Someone who understands the nexus between short term results and long term value creation.

What does 1+99 Experience Consulting have to offer?

  1. Diagnostics, process, requisite support workshops
  2. Help with customer journey evaluation and mapping
  3. Insight and engagement strategy
  4. Align Customer experience to brand behavior
  5. Digital and Social brand behavior