Though everyone speaks about CRM, very few practice it. Reason being the person thinking/dreaming about the concept & execution is very different. Some basic steps that have been oft written & debated need to be complied with in order to successfully execute CRM & then manage it further.1) Establish a formal process to gather information on prioritized customer requirements. Conduct a through evaluation of what’s really important to your customers.2) Identify one person in the organization to be ultimately responsible for the experience of customers around a process or set of processes.3) Define a cross-organizational strategy for meeting customer needs. Determine all touch points between disciplines that have an impact on the customer relationship.4) Define processes that will best support that strategy, including integrating various parts of the organization.5) Identify the teams and employees that must be prepared to support those processes.6) Before implementing technology that will best support those people and processes, establish a complete, future-state technology architecture.Please add to these points and look forward to more debates on the basics.Anaggh

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