Lesson 1 : Learning to work with a team

(1 therefore is: Being team driven is critical to success in professional life)Lesson 2 : Learning to take care of the Details

(2 : Remember ……..God is in the details & the more recent, Retail is Detail)

Lesson 3 : Learning to work across cultures

(3 : Respect different cultures, learn from them more so if you want to work in India.)

Lesson 4: Learning to make use of the gift of judgement and intuition

(4 : Listen to your sixth sense. Understand & respect the touch & feel factor of the experienced)

Lesson 5 : Using failure as a stepping stone to success

(5 : There’s no success without failure)

Lesson 6: Learning a New, more holistic definition of success

(6: Let’s define success more holistically)
The above points have been debated & written about by many people & hence carry a lot of similarities. I do not claim to be the original author of all of them. But have found them relevant most of the time.


Written by AD
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