Your reporter DON reached Baroda (Nay, I refuse to call it Vadodara)on
friday evening after reconfirming that Viresh Dhaiber is also reaching!

12 Noon SATURDAY…… Had received half a dozen calls from everyone;
some like Dilip who enthusiastically wanted to share the burden of
work, whilst Milind refused any assistance.

Manisha wanted to meet early since she had to attend another party…
though I said, What Party!!! I mean there cannot be a bigger & better
party than BAGGIKHANA MEET after 30 years!

Jigisha was not contactable on the nos procured/provided!(acc to milind)

Mona had left of Malaysia! (acc to anil mistry, conveyed to everyone
at 10.45 pm though in the morning & the previous day he said
Panchgani!!! No wonder Geography alongwith all other subjects was a
sore point with him)

Milani Desai nee Anjaria could not make it from Ahmedabad.

The Great Mahavir Incarnate sprained something & was advised bed rest.
(acc to Milind…..Guess who this is & in part 2 shall also reveal why
milind is extremely unhappy at him after 3 decades also)

3 PM SATURDAY…….. Dr. Nene had faithfully collected medicine
required, however the Key medicine was not available in the market
since due to the matches, everybody had started hoarding. Dilip swung
into action, trying practically all the unknown shops, but
unsuccessful.(How I wish I had not listened to both of them & carried
it myself from Bombay like the last 2 times)

A couple of text messages later, Viresh & Amar swung into action,
keeping the faith.

8 PM SATURDAY…….I report at the venue & Guess! Vintage Milind
texts me “Make yourself comfortable, Running an errand back in 10
minutes” A couple of minutes later Sober,worried Jayesh Rathi pulls up
in his car, we introduce ourselves, both wondering if we know each
other. Just as we were thinking of gong in, Another text “The Dog
upstairs is OK, beware of the owner”

Then comes Shashank Patki, as crisply dressed as ever, shirt creases
as if starched again after getting down from the car.

Standing near the porch…..A car made for family driving vrooms &
zooms, braking just a foot…feet away & out jumps the dapper,
debonair & young Dr. Milind Nene!

Followed by a sedate couple of cars……that disgorges amar & viresh
(v. imp with the medicine) Dilip, Satyendra, Anil.

And all of us troop upstairs……where we FACE…..

BARKING.. (supposed welcome by MISHTI – the bengali’s will understand)

followed quickly by Milind’s better half, who has a quizzical smile on
her face as if to question…..1) Are these guys sober, quiet (i speak
for only myself) really milind’s classmates? 2) Who corrupted whom?
3)Looks like a long night!!!

Just as we are settling down with cold/chilled water…in walk
shashank korde; rajan arothe; mukesh; tushar pandya; ajay padhyay.

Every pretends to be on their best behaviour for the next 10-15 minutes.



8.30 pm To set the record straight the following were now present in
no particular order

Shashank Patki
Shashank Korde

Finally in his best “Silence, Begin the operation” voice, Milind
questioned – Do we start with phase 1 of the medicine or what ….
Unanimously… Dilip & Milind were voted as the pourers (for those who
are greatly challenged in spite of attending, Mrs. Dhar; Mrs. Rocky
English classes Medicine is Liqour & pourers is bartenders).

Taking a long look at everyone, Milind, myself & dilip decided to go
easy on the liquor. Somewhat luckily…..”Some of the elements pretended
to be saintly citing reasons such as Saturday, ganpati, having given
it up a year ago etc. etc.” enabling us to breathe a sigh of relief.

In order that Sundar & Milind take cognizance for the December Reunion
the following were the Non Drinkers

Shashank Patki – Given up a couple of years ago; but likely to start
by dec thanks to Milind
Shashank Korde – Happy about the days since he does not drink only on
Rajan – Abstains during Ganpati
Jayesh – Permanent Abstinence

And the fun begins…….

Some lovely typical barodian dry snacks were served; great salad made
by Mrs. Nene; as also some Chinese samosa (the errand for which Milind
had gone)

The decibel levels had to be believed, with everyone trying to out
shout each other; trying to find out what each one had been upto
during the past 25-30 years; reminding each other of some small
episode that was pertinent to those lovely yesteryears.

Surprisingly, given the fact that out of all the gathered,
Viresh(couple of years) & myself(20 years) having moved away from
Baroda, except a couple of them, none of them have been in touch with
each other.

Conversation moved from the sublime to convenient memory loss. Some of
the topics:

1) Who finally married whom?
2) Who shifted & stays where?
3) Which teachers are where?
4) Some recent moving episodes that happened with……the first & best 2
having happened with Dr. Milind Nene as is always the case….(all
names are being protected, but can be guessed)
a. Trying to establish contact on instructions of Sundar, Milind
landed up at a store run by an old classmate, who unfortunately was
not available. Milind was extremely cordially received offered water,
tea (that amazed him since it exceeded his expectations) After a
couple of minutes he was taken to see where the glass had to be
fitted…..Teaches you that there is no difference in blue collar/white
b. On one of his family outings at Inox saw a great Texan walking with
2 guns towards him, In his honesty gave a broad smile, but to his
extreme shock & disappointment was given the royal ignore both by the
Texan & the lady barodian. (All of us consoled him, that it is ok,
this used to happen to him 30 years ago also, since he has always had
the habit of being at the wrong place & time)
c. Shashank Patki though in a hurry to leave due to a previous family
engagement, also shared his sorrow, that a couple of days earlier, he
had met an old class mate, who refused to recognize him, on the
contrary claimed that shashank was junior to him by a couple of years!
Shashank cried saying “Imagine how this must have carried a STING”

Phew this is heavy writing….. Just taking a wee break & then the
suspense of A; B; C division shall come about…And except for the R & S
commenting….No other alphabets appear to be online…..even the