HR translates into Human Resources, but for the Jewellery Industry that requires & provides employment to thousands, it is not a high priority.Some factors that are considered HR related

1) Loyalty – the single largest factor that is given importance in the industry. Whilst most organizations do so, here it is towards an individual or the seth as they are known.
2) Longevity – this is given equal credence as loyalty, because in practically all companies you would find father & son; brothers; uncles & nephew, nieces, so on & so forth. It is rated high, with the perception that there is a strong loyalty factor etc. whilst the fact may be that they are unable to get a similar or better job elsewhere on merit.
3) Individualistic; Lone Ranger – Since the system is of Peter to Purshottam (Manager to Peon) reporting to the Seth, everyone tends to be extremely individualistic. The shouting etc. is taken with a pinch/barrel of salt like a joint family.
4) Technologically challenged – whilst technology has permeated in the manufacturing process etc. in actual dealings & business it is kept far away. The small slip of paper with eendu or mohr (sign) is still the acceptable way of doing business.

To sum this up, it is extremely personality rather than process driven industry. It depends on varying moods, days etc. of the Seth!

It is slowly the 2nd generation, who have completed their graduation or more & are slowly being inducted into business, who can be relied on to bring changes, particularly if they have worked & gained a bit of business experience elsewhere.


Written by AD
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