A great day that begun early morning with 4 cars/taxi honking loudly at the crossroad of my building.
The day began & it was like every other day, with the same traffic, honking & so forth.
In the evening, decided to go out for a drive & try to evaluate if everyone was still honking!!!
Started from Lokhandwala Andheri, where I stay, towards four bungalows going towards to Juhu. The traffic as usual was in complete chaos with all the hawkers occupying the footpath, pedestrians walking on half the road, with no worries of blocking cars, signals what have you.
And, the honking Decibels sounded the same, or probably more than usual.
On the way back, a red santro overtook me from the left, with a sound that looked as if the Horn was stuck or was a new kind of vehicle that had to be driven by the horn, not accelerator.
After a couple of signals, it came to a standstill next to my car. Since there were 2 ladies & some kids, I politely asked them about the Horn & the Day. The question posed to me “So what”? The next signal they again came up & said that just because we are women drivers you think you can pass comments, etc.
I quietly took a right turn & decided to go home.
In all conversations, we blame taxi, rickshaw drivers; but the unfortunate fact is that till people in Mumbai understand & follow some civic sense; there is no hope to follow No Honking; Shut Electricity, so on & forth!
AND Yes I managed to honk only ONCE in the entire 2.5 hours of my trip during the peak hour.