The strike which was flagged off with great fanfare fizzled out mainly due to the following reasons:

1) The rickshawallahs forced the so called union leader, because at the end of the day they live on a day to day basis, so where would the next day’s money come from?
2) The government with a view to pacify everyone & more important keep the vote bank happy appointed a committee. This must be the 1000th committee on something or the other doing investigation or research that never sees the light of the day.
3) The people – so called – aam janta who faced problems – to get their 2 minutes of fame, gave some gyan as how they had to undergo suffering, so on & forth. Where does this suffering go when they are not given increments, thrown out of a job, doctors do not listen, they do not get admission, government gives away seats…….endless list.
4) The great media instead of highlighting the theft & problems created by the rickshaws & demands, tries to portray a so called balance view point to make news!!

However the TOI published the following
The Rogue Demands
Courtesy Times of India page 2 23rd April 2008

The auto rickshaws union has raised several demands; most of them go directly against passengers’ interests
· The union wants the govt to do away with the insistence on electronic meters; an electronic meter costs Rs. 1500/-
(Let this be subsidised by the government or union )
· There should not be any increase on fines on errant auto rickshaw drivers
(So that they keep doing what they are currently doing, pay the token 50/- & walk away)
· The government should not force auto rickshaws to instal the new high-security number plates.
(So that they can use the same number plate on multiple rickshaws & make money)
· The government should revoke the decision to allow free movement of autorickshaws across districts like Mumbai & thane in the Mumbai metropolitan region; around 1.05 lac autorickshaws operate in Mumbai of which, the union claims around 20,000 are illegal.
(This would probably be the other way round. More unlicensed than official. What happened to the mumbai mirror article of a auto made out of spare parts?)
· Autorickshaw drivers should be given the “status of public servants” the union has not explained in detail what it means by this.
(Yeah Right then, the taxi drivers & their relatives & cousins)
· There should be medical insurance and pension schemes for drivers.
(Yes! Paid for by the owners for the licensed ones, but then how many bhaiyyas are licensed drivers????)
· The government should scrap plans to have a common smart card that can be used for both buses & auto rickshaws
(Maybe a point! IT should be for rickshaws & taxis)
· There should be more auto rickshaws stands
(Sure but would this ensure that they would never stop anywhere else??)
· The government should ensure adequate supply of CNG for auto rickshaws
(Yeah?? On what basis? No information available)

Based on this the following Q arise”

1) What is the action to be taken on auto rickshaws that refuse to ply?
2) What about the auto rickshaws that park illegally at every cross roads?
3) What about the rule breaking price?

There is no answer for all of this as well as other Q because Bombay/Mumbai is a city that want s to just let things be & move forward. As long as it does not affect them.

Written by AD
ex waiter, angadia, travel agent, dotcomer, dukaandaar, marketeer, people watcher. appreciates single malt, food, friends