IPL had started with a lot of matches under the bridge so to speak, along with a lot of issues, harbhajan, sreesanth, cheer leaders etc having passed under the bridge, a close friend & single malt enthusiast (Mehul A Desai though 3/4 of us can be termed more enthusiast than collectors/connoisseurs) had been calling us over for a dram! beside watching the match also.

Co incidentally, another friend (Neil Rodrigues) was promised some exceptional Rye whiskey. Templeton Rye Whiskey

I was completely exhausted from the morning session of meeting old school friends at Preetam da Dhaba, where the company was great, food ok, beer chilled…..all of which ran till 5p.m.

As a confirmed foodie, with a bit of interest in wanting to experiment my favorite food with whiskey & wine, I had decided that today we would have the universal, chat (mumbai style) along with the Macallan 12yr Single Malt Scotch Whisky.

Reaching his place, though the match had started (who was interested in some mediocre cricket when there was single malt around) checked out the glasses (aha new ones specially, tulip shaped:)) & we were ready to begin…..

45 ml of Macallan was ceremoniously poured in, with Mehul opting for 60 ml of water & me adding 90 ml. Neil was still reverently savouring the rye smell, before adding 45 ml of water.

The next 35 minutes were spent in silence – no thanks to the useless match – which was turning out to be worse than under 19 Ranji Trophy.Who says this whiskey is not good?

The first round over, I decided what to pair the next round with. Glasses were refilled & the following finger food was laid out:

1) A south indian bhindi (lady finger) delicacy from bangalore.
2) Some mixed sprouts (moong, chana) with tomatoes, mangoes, onions, chillies & a dash of lime

Trying the bhindi (no 1) & taking a sip, was nice but did not do really anything to the palate. Taking a sip of plain water, tried a spoonful of mixed sprouts followed by the next sip!!!!

Boy O boy! Did it cleanse the palate & go right up there. Suddenly the hereto not understood taste, bouquet changed the way Macallan was viewed. This was carried further with the bhindi getting the short shrift .

Neil & Naren

Another hour passed away! And time for a change…..

Prepared a platter of great sev puri (seriously thinking of an alternative career here), passed it around whilst was pouring another 45 ml.

In the meantime, others had joined in. One of them a whiskey drinker but with SPRITE! With a little bit of juggling Mehul quietly poured some teacher’s with sprite, so the complete scandal was avoided:)

Tried the sev puri followed by a sip – nirvana – scotland needs to import me or some bhaiyyas to make this for them(even Raj & MNS would approve)

Here, having heard of it, Naren & Mehul decided to try out pani puri with whiskey; better sense prevailed & they tried it with Teachers. A complete No No. I have promised them, that the next time, will initiate them in the vodka puri, gin puri…

Wajid had brought some lovely biryani – which the non scotch drinkers as well as we, enjoyed. An excellent pairing.


The grand finale was with chicken biryani……It never tasted this good till now, but then we had never ventured into single malt till the last two years….

Chicken Biryani that was

With everyone happy with the drinks & food, I thought that one of the menus for the 12 year Macallan should be:

Lightly Salted Peanuts – 1st Drink

Mixed Masala Sprouts – 2nd Drink

Sev Puri – 3rd Drink

Chicken Biryani – 3rd Drink cont’d/4th in case you want & can carry it off

Over all a lovely evening, reaching home safely!