On a quick trip to Baroda, decided to try out Ginger Hotel.

We reached Baroda in the evening around 6.30 pm. The check in was smooth. The Parking space was reasonable in the basement. Went up to the room. The AC was bad. The maintenance came by, the reception came by all with different version that did not seem to jell somehow.

Finally the cat was out of the bag. In order to standardize, economize, so on & forth all rooms had .8 ton voltas AC which meant that you had to put the ceiling fan on full blast for 30-45 minutes to get the room cooled & had to leave it on during the night.
Whilst I buy the point as a business person, I would like to come back to a chilled lobby & room which is where this is a let down.

The room was nice, much superior then similar priced hotels in Vadodara, with 2 beds, a writing table, mini ward robe, fridge & tea kettle. The bath was nicely appointed with a spacious shower area.


Outside there was a nook with two computers that you could use to surf or catch up your mail on.


Next to the reception on the ground floor, that serves buffet breakfast, lunch & dinner – there is a CCD (Cafe Coffee Day) that is open 24 hours.


We tried the CCD one night at 2.30 am when we came in. The service was superb with a smiling face, the coffee & burger was served.


On the 2nd day before leaving we tried the buffet breakfast. At 100/- it is VFM.

Overall what makes it go is the Staff & Service – super, similing, efficient definitely better than some of the so called star hotels.

Definitely one that I recommend & would stay again.