025.JPGMy daughter was performing in two segments of the Terrence Lewis – Mumbai Mirror Camp & so went to watch the show on May 23, 2008 at St. Andrews.

Reaching is a nightmare but then which place in Mumbai is not? Once in, there is plenty of parking place & the ushers are extremely helpful.

The auditorium was completely packed & both my wife & myself had to take separate seats. The show began slightly late, but was brisk with each segment – salsa, bollywood etc following quickly for all locations.


It was indeed a revelation to watch the tiny tots perform as was the middle aged & elders take to the stage as if born.


Time flew quickly, with Terrence coming on stage himself to wind up the show with a bollywood number. Post that there were a round of thanks giving, before a special request to the audience to dance along with everyone to a medley of bollywood songs….. That really set the evening alight.

Having had an opportunity to see Terrence & Shiamak observed the following differences:

1) Terrence’s group seemed to have a much better command over the bollywood numbers.
2) The salsa taught for the camp showed admirable results.
3) The instructors seemed more friendly & approachable.
4) However the camp idea, with sponsorship should be better coordinated & organised

At the show

1) You had all the relatives trying to be great photographers which led to chaos.
2) The young & enthusiastic performers crowded the aisles.
3) Some slick choreography could have been used.

Overall he seems to be doing a good job with the youngsters…..May his tribe increase…

Written by AD
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