Milind as I first saw him:

I had joined BHS from Bombay(nay not mumbai) via Vidya Kunj. Not wearing a uniform on the first day but nonetheless extremely respectably attired in short pants white shirt tucked in. Classes had just begun & in walks a boy – blue shorts with white shirt, buttons having lost their fight with the holes; black belt cinched tight enough for the shorts to go tokyo & the shirt london with the half way tie going back to russia. Grubby shoes with socks thru which a tinge of white was visible, hair flying across the country like a dust cropper plane AND a peti under his left arm dragging the shirt out of the shorts – May I come in Mam – Contractor says – Put your bag & stand outside – The day for Milind Nene had begun – His crush eminently visible on his face & thru the various nudges amongst the young girls & boys, he does so & requests – Can I take my book & listen from outside – Gales of laughter follow this – YES – merrily our man steps outside – this class was probably the last or 2nd last on the right side when you face the canteen – the next 25 odd minutes was my induction into how popular our man was with teachers, students,peons & the little birds, butterflies etc moving around.

The book lay forgotten. Closer to end of the period he was ordered in, surprisingly knew most of what was taught or enough to keep Contractor happy.

Dr. Milind Nene as I saw him 30 years later :

Waiting for him outside his huge gothic structure that houses all his patients, hospital, family, wifi & other working non working gadgets, joined by Jayesh Rathi (who as i mentioned in another post was not a name i remembered clearly; BTW with everyone complimenting me saying I was a good well behaved boy, makes one wonder how everyone remembers me; not that I am complaining) A Car Zooms in & out steps our DOC – dapper, immaculately dressed, By God, isske jutte bhi chamak rahe the – My first reaction was Oh God either this guy’s wife is Hitler’s reincarnation (meeting here post that I realized how wrong I was)or he discovered girls in the intervening period since till school that was one subject we always ended educating him or DID WE???(seems more likely)or he realized a well dressed surgeon can be reassuring to the patients & charge more (and to think my profession is marketing)


Having had an opportunity to visit his & Suchitra (wife) clinic I was astonished with the detailing done. Though stressful to both, they have the best equipment, clean cheerful staff, extremely airy & bright rooms, lounges – In short makes one think of having a surgery done.


MIND IT one can keep writing about the fun……But to sum it up…. A good friend…reserved with others….eyes melancholy & sad at times; suddenly turning mischievous amongst friends.

Extremely knowledgeable about a lot of things under the sun, moon, a pleasure to talk to. Always accessible (An incident illustrates this – A call to him one morning & hearing his voice sound faint, on being questioned Why? He was in surgery!!! But thought it important to attend to a friend’s call – reasoning – I have lot of staff that can hold the phone to my ear)

In 2007 I receive a mail from Milind & the journey that had taken a break, starts again….the difference that now we have a lot of things in common….wives, wines so on & forth to speak about.