During the recently concluded IIJS in Mumbai the Retail Jeweller held its 4th Awards.An excellent initiative started a couple of years ago, which should turn into a good property for the magazine in years to come.Particularly for an industry that really does not understand, recognize such awards.Watching it over TV one was surprised to note that except Tanishq, Orra there were none of the so called pioneers & leaders of jewellery brand nominated for any awards.This leads one to speculate – whether the industry intends going the bollywood way?But on a more serious note, it was good to see local, regional players understanding the need for customer service, brand building, marketing their products in short doing everything to ensure the commodity their forefathers used to sell becomes a brand.This lends credence to my comment in an earlier interview with a jewellery magazine that the younger generation is moving into the Own of (BOT – Build Own Transfer) where they are moving in the space of brand & value creation which is how they see business sustainability in the future.But equally surprising is the fact that companies that have been pioneers in creation, purchase of brands, who spend enormous amounts on recall either do not accept 360 degree recall or worry about peers?Possibly the next year awards may answer this!

Written by AD
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