A couple of days ago, had an opportunity to visit STAR bazaar that had recently opened close to my residence. Whilst paying, juggling the bags, attending to a phone call, the young lad enthusiastically tried to hard sell the loyalty card/program that they have.


Though I managed to avoid accepting a form also, on returning home,  I finally decided to clean up the entire wallet, money clip, passport organizer of all these so called loyalty cards.


Over the past decade or more, I have been a prey to the so called loyalty cards, either thru enthusiasm initially and then my long suffering assistant providing the details & procuring them.


Air India – A good simple card for the past 11 years, love, keep it.


Jet Airways – Simple card, though do not travel by jet, keep it till they cancel; But I do not understand why they insist on providing their database to the alliance partner – Citibank – who religiously offers me a gold card every couple of months, no document required sir! & then after follow up for all documents declines. Finally though I have received a letter that says they have declined my application (not made in the past 15 months) because I have some outstanding on their card. Huh!! Do not have a card for the past decade…..and do you think they would have allowed me to live if I had not paid?


Shopper’s Stop – On checking I have been informed that my card has expired?? Why? Pray one may ask..I have not used it in the last 1 year; But hello based on this you have given a card to my wife who has been a loyal customer. No go. So thrashed it.


Crossword – Had managed to collect substantial points, when one fine day they integrated the CRM module with shopper’s stop &  I am dead again! However since I am quite disappointed with crossword I decided to repay them by giving the card to my daughter, with freedom to redeem the points if she could. And the 16 year old did it….


BPCL Petrocard: Between my wife’s card & mine we have more than 1 lac points. Trying to redeem them is a nightmare come true. Their website does not work, email them, some one will call up & say, fill in the form, send it etc. etc. Nothing happens & all of this for some stupid gloves or cheapo item which is worth a couple of hundred but redemption is 25000 points. To redeem a decent gift would take 3-5 years & it would be outdated by that time


Other  Airlines, Hotels domestic & international just junked those.


So the sum total of all this Loyalty has an expiry date


Written by AD
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