A month ago, Bela a dear friend, who runs Spink Marketing a retail consultancy invited me for coffee at the TiE office early morning to meet some entrepreneurs, learn from them & her presentation and try to provide some inputs also.

Since the time was early morning, this was really tough, but decided to go!

The topics covered Global Retail challenges versus Local current challenges. Improving Services offerings in Retail context… creating more moments of “WOW”…

Bela’s presentation can be viewed here coffeemeet.ppt

It was quite a gathering with more than 20+ people gathered, sharing their dreams, some of them having converted to reality. Some takeaway that I learnt that day:

1)   Mumbai has its share of entrepreneurs willing to take risk, hang the economy.

2)   Most of them have a sound business plan, with some already executing them.

3)   They were there to interact with professionals who could add value to their plans, maybe mentor them on some                  aspects & also meet similar entrepreneurs where common factors could be addressed.

4)   Majority were keen to remain in their core competencies & expand, which implied focus!

Over the past month, I have personally interacted with quite a few & found them executing their learning’s of the day!

Carry on TiE

Written by AD
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