After a long time & quite a few requests, MNDFCK an offline socio-eco-pol evening was decided. For all of you who know about it, well & good….For the others….it is a afternoon/evening meeting of people with 2 qualifications:

1) Age above 40
2) Not Technology dependent or partially challenged.

It is basically Pay as you eat or drink!

Dates – 17th October 2008

Venue – Willing don Catholic Gym with Neil kindly agreeing to sign everyone in.

Let me have AYES!!! RSVP

A deluge of mails confirming their Ayes were received & the plan was underway with Neil coordinating in Mumbai & yours truly from Baroda.

Finally on the 16th stories started trickling in……” Friday,the 17th is KARVA CHAUTH !! & 17th is Wedding Anniversary” Unique excuses one must say, since I presume that the wedding anniversary falls on the same day every year:) & Karva Chauth is declared a year in advance:) But Never fear people…… we were determined to have a full house…..

The D day arrived & we were at the venue at 7.30 pm. People started trickling in & did so till 9 pm

1 Anaggh Desai – confirmed – 3rd time
2 Neil Rodrigues – confirmed – Member – ask for his name at the desk – 3rd time
3 Ian Pereira – confirmed – 3rd time
4 Unni Krishnan – confirmed – 3rd time
5 Umesh Kandade – confirmed – 1st time
6 Soeb Fatehi – confirmed – 3rd time
8 Lalit Vashishta – confirmed – 3rd time
9 Mehul Desai – confirmed – 1st time
10 Ravi Gidwani – confirmed – 3rd time
11 Sammer Parekh – confirmed – 1st time
12 Sumir Patel(baroda) – confirmed – 1st time
13 Ajay padhye(baroda)- confirmed – 1st time
14 Manuel D’abrew – confirmed – 1st time
15 Arvind Tandon – confirmed – 2nd time
16 Anil Garg – confirmed – 1st time
17 Dipanker Nag – confirmed – 1st time
18 Swapan Mukherjee – confirmed – 3rd time
19 Arvind Nair – confirmed – 1st time

Since this was a Gymkhana & we were bound by the rules, at 8.30pm I took the liberty of sending a text to some of those who had confirmed, receiving answers, ranging from at office, fever, & no answers.

But the gathered had a good time, with people being across disciplines, industries, lively conversation took place. There were a lot of new people which helped also.

Whilst the objective of a good time & subsequently maybe business was achieved, it also answered thoughts as to why we did not have it on a grand scale every six months and also raised a few more.

Just as a social event, with nothing really in for any one, it becomes cumbersome to hold the event with a fixed committed number who do not care about informing at the last minute or not informing at all. Also the AYES included a fixed cost that was informed to all, but had to be borne by the attendees, which leaves a bad taste for everyone. And mind you this from senior people, entrepreneurs, above 40.

But everyone was completely involved & pushed to have this once a quarter. With the continued support, participation, I do not see WHY NOT?