On the way to Ahmedabad, took an impromptu decision to stop by Baroda. Called Dilip & Sumir from Surat. Reached Baroda late on Saturday 11, 2008.

Dilip & Sumir were meeting up with Ajay for dinner, so we called up Milind, who insisted that we meet closer to home as he was likely to get delayed; so the venue was decided as Prashant’s residence.

Whilst waiting for milind to join, we started calling up others (hoping that by Baroda standards they were not fast asleep) Tushar, Amar, Dramil, Dharmendra, Anil, so on asking them if they were free to meet up the next day at Sumir’s farm with Dramil being specifically warned not to bring his car.

Then milind & suchitra dropped in & the party began in earnest, with free wheeling discussions going on right from friends, world economy, real estate, doctors, fashion, children & what have you! Hearing about this, Manisha dropped in, extracting a promise that I would not leave Baroda without visiting her, which had been pending since 2005!!! (Oops how time flies)Priya (prashant’s wife) had rustled up some vegetarian food; with prashant claiming credit for veg manchurian. Anjali (Ajay’s wife) had made some chicken, which was diverted to PP’s house.

Milind & Suchitra, Manisha & Pravin were the first to leave followed by Dilip & Sangita. Ajay & Anjali left at 2.30 am. Sumir & I got up to leave, when Prashant pushed us back, claiming that we did not have wives to go back to (unfair) and so chatted till 4 am before reaching Sumir’s place & crashing out.

The next day after a late breakfast reached Sumir’s farm & made ready for the gang who came late as usual since they were dependent on transport from Prashant. Milind, Ajay, Dilip, Dramil, Amar, Anil, Tushar.

Dramil started the ball rolling, with anecdotes of his USA trip – the tame ones being, how he managed to see the inside of statute of liberty & film at Disney land – the more exciting ones being about Nitin, Bimal, Ahsaan, Raj(pretty exciting), some about Neena, Sejal, Khyati, about how they have changed!!!! Unfortunately cannot write about everything on this forum:) Sunder, Sanjeev, Sarabjit, Husseni eat your hearts out. Post this he shared Nitin’s plan for party on 9th January 2009.

Whereupon, Dilip jumped in with the reunion plan, which was discussed threadbare, with Ajay, Dilip, Prashant, Dramil, Milind taking charge & to be held on 10th January 2009 at Sumir’s farm preceded by Nitin’s party on the 9th January 2009. Suffice to say – exciting days – Ajay & Dilip shall be in touch about the presence, contribution for the 10th reunion.

The plan was to wind up by 3.30 – 4.00 when Sumir would drop me at Nadiad, via Manisha’s home so I could make my way to Ahmedabad. But, the over enthusiasm of planning left everyone completely exhausted at 5.30 pm, so much so that Doc Nene, inspite of carrying his photography bag did not click a single one!!!!

Changing the plan, calling up Ahmedabad etc. took a couple of hours, finally kept my promise to manisha & pravin, reaching their place at 9.30pm, (wonders – it was just 5 minutes from my old bungalow that has given way to swanky apartments) for an evening of singing by Suchitra & Kaushik Mistry (who had joined us, thanks to dramil specifically to give me a CD of garba songs for my wife). With Monday blues looming over (PP had even worn blue) the evening ended early……

However the following findings were reinforced during this trip:

1) Milind, Sumir, Dilip, Ajay manage to find time to meet; followed by Prashant & Manisha.
2) Amar Petiwale keeps in touch with Sumir, Ajay, Milind, Dilip
3) Dramil is in touch with Jayesh, Ajay & a couple of others
4) Tushar is in touch with Sumir, Prashant
BUT all of them do not make an effort to at least connect once a quarter! Surprisingly so because none of them make use of each other’s discipline, services either worried that they may be over charged or not charged. Disgusting really!!!!
5) The others like Jaypal, Riyaaz, Jayesh, Hemant, Dharmendra & the 5 names that dilip mentioned of ONGC do not seem to matter.
6) However, all of them do make time for MOI from their busy schedules, whenever I have landed up expectedly or unexpectedly.

But the problem is I need to take a VACATION after my trip to BARODA!!! Which I cannot afford