Sumir Patel the man from Greece after having been caught quietly slinking in & out of Mumbai a couple of times in the last 10 months, finally decided to spend a long weekend in Mumbai. Milind was supposed to join him, but his patients & suchitra got the better of him. Though Suchitra & Milind both have promised to spend the weekend of 31st oct – 2 nov in Mumbai, God & Patients willing.

Sumir needed to attend a nice vegetarian kid’s party at Prabhadevi on Sunday 19, 2008 so planned to come in on 18th & leave on 20th. However Ajay Padhye’s presence & a promise of MNDFCK party on 17th made him change his plans.

So our man got on Paschim Express. With Ajay’s advice ringing in his ears, he got down at Andheri where I was supposed to pick him up. Unfortunately his ticket was till Borivali instead of Mumbai Central & hence was caught travelling ticketless. Swearing & sweating he climbed in the car & we reached home by 6 pm.

Co-ordinating with Ajay & other friends we reached for the MNDFCK party by 7.30 pm. When it finally ended at 12 midnight, ajay having left to catch the vadodara express, baba reminded us about dinner. We took him to Rajasthan a small place on S. V. Road, Khar where he had his fill of brain masala, sheekh kabab, chicken tikka & rice (never seen him eat like this before) All of this after having had starters, salad & beef chilly at the party!!! All of this was followed up by Kesar Pista Kulfi at Amar Juice (remember this Tushar?)Finally reaching home at 2.30 am

The next day dawned late 10 am with a quick lime juice, light lunch & lazing around, taking a power nap (2.5 hours, which nippa says is sleeping) before venturing out to Mandir, being a Saturday & something I do. I think the almighty also believes in me & trusts me, since I have managed to get Sumir to visit Ambaji also with me. Completing our Hanuman, Shaani, Nav Grah, Shiv puja (which was done peacefully to baba’s satisfaction) we returned home.

Wanting to take it lightly, we went to my club sitting & chatting over a couple of drinks with Nippa & Kannagi, before they decided to forsake us & get some Maghai Paans from Mishraji in Juhu. We were joined here by Naren Jawahrani a close friend, who invited Sumir the next day morning for brunch. Having looked at the menu, Sumir decided to try Fish & must say was extremely satisfied. We returned home satiated. Sleep was a long time coming thanks to the power nap.

Sunday, the next day we left early visiting Godrej’s nature basket, picking up something that dilip had asked for; Hypercity for gifts that he needed to carry to the party that evening & to a home décor store where he did some impulse shopping. Then the afternoon was at Naren’s place. Sumir, Mehul(another friend who got along with him like house on fire)Naren cleaned up Mallya’s stock of kingfisher (made me feel like an outsider)accompanied by Mexican burritos etc.

Finally I had to push him out of the house since he had to reach Prabhadevi. Our man left at 5.30 pm did his good deed, took some photographs & was back by 9 pm. Being completely on Toxins for a week, I revolted & asked him to stay at home & have a quiet drink, which we did. At the stroke of midnight, hunger pangs……. I offered him an option of Idli or Omelette. He opted for the latter & away we went. Having fortified ourselves, Baba did a volte face…….he wanted to eat kesar pista kulfi once again (Oh! God did I create a monster) Finally reaching home at 1.30 am

Monday, we left with Nippa, picking up his last minute shopping of Mithai, Paan (where I managed to find someone who wanted dentures, introducing him so that business was taken care of) before reaching Mumbai Central. Looking at the watch, we realized there was a lot of time, so off we swung in the Atria Mall where Nippa needed to pick up some stuff, whilst we decided to have a couple of beers to beat the afternoon heat. Don G was a good option, but not being in the mood for Italian we decided to go for China Gate. 2 to 3 waiters/stewards pounced on us the moment we walked in, guiding us to the right of the restaurant. Presumably to save on AC or some retail guru must have asked them to seat every patron on the right. Mineral Water Sir!!! was asked by everyone except the manager…. even after selecting Kingfisher. The beer came nicely chilled, hitting just the spot. Before we could sip, came the gang again asking if we wanted starters, soup??? After twice being asked, we ordered Dim Sum (chicken) since, they have a rule of not offering a mixed one. Though I have always had a mixed prawns, chicken one at all other Chinese restaurants. The 2nd & 3rd beer was just as chilled & good. The dim sum were nice but not hot, more warm. Sharp at 3.25 pm we were asked by the gang once again if we wanted main course?? Maybe they wanted to shut the joint down – confirmed by them – sir we have to come again in the evening – hello – that is your job.

Nippa finished with her shopping, though not everything since some stores had shut down, so we reached Mumbai Central & dropped Sumir the Patel!!!

Returning home, with the warning in our ears that I shall be back soon & this time with Dilip, Milind. My only worry was whether my driver would stick around!!!!