One of my favorite places to watch movies. Close to home, good seats, air conditioning, good service, decent (only veg) snacks, what more can one want.

Went into a limbo when due to the fire at infiniti, was shut for nearly a month. Saw a movie at Fame next door, which is another story.

New movie, reopened Cinemax and off we went! After due analysis of timings, seats, my daughter got the tickets in the afternoon for the 9.45 pm show of EMI.

Having gone shopping at Hypercity, reached at 9.35 pm.

Surprise, Surprise……the security at infiniti gate informed, No parking, try the cinemax side, same story, gates locked; with quite a few people arguing and being told by the security, that everyone was informed when purchasing tickets that there is no parking??? Duh! Why being personally informed. Why no board being put up near the booking window in both english and devnagri? Why are there some cars in the compound?

The back & forth continued, with everyone finally giving up, in frustration & the need to watch the movie, rushing in.

We had a valid argument – If we had known, we would have had no need to bring the car, given the fact that we stay closeby. My daughter confirmed that nobody had informed her & the main fact “why no board & why some cars were parked” An official of Cinemax came rushing up with a variety of excuses – Raheja’s control the mall & parking; do not see the movie, I shall give you a refund……… Hello! How does it matter to a customer, who controls the mall or parking & if we wanted a refund, why would we buy the ticket & come to see the movie.

Finally, realizing that they were in the wrong & did not want more customers arguing the same manner, requested for the keys to the vehicle (since it was parked right in front of the gate), promising to have the keys delivered to me.

Rushing upstairs, went up to the snack bar to stock up on the popcorn (salted not available, will take some time), sandwich(only one available) BUT accepted the order to deliver inside the cinema hall, which they did, never mind the fact (pepsi was room temprature; popcorn was soft). The common excuse being sir, we have just started.

Mid way, the keys were also delivered, without being informed where the car was. On coming down, found it at the same place where I had parked it. AND a few cars inside the parking are – maybe relatives of Raheja’s?

If Cinemax wanted to open, charge its customers the same price, do not understand why they could not communicate with customers (even customers understand problems); train & update the staff on question handling. Think the corporate communication guys forget Crisis Management 101.

Written by AD
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