With Cinemax at Infiniti mall reopening, took the opportunity to catch up with a movie on Friday night.

A two hour movie with a couple of songs thrown in. It can be divided into pre interval & post interval.

Pre interval shows some reality aspects of how over the past decade or so, middle class & the aspiring middle class has got into the debt trap, thanks half in turn by the need/greed to be better off and half or more with the help of Banks, finance companies who help start you off on the road, which ultimately becomes a game of Rob Peter to pay Paul.

Post interval you have Sattar bhai (a pretend Munnabhai franchise) who distributes common sense & everything is all right with the world – banks, collection agencies, customers – in short the givers & takers.

Personally empathized with the first half, thought the second half was more dream sequence instead of realism being woven in.

And have a sneaky suspicion, that to make it a hit in spite of reviews, All Banks have passed a diktat to its staff, its collection agencies to at least watch the movie once. So just like Himesh….rickshawallah’s turning up en masse & making his film a hit this shall also turn out to be a HIT!

Surely, one of the leading bank shall as a special marketing promotion, offer all customers of banks caught in the debt trap are being offered 2 tickets FREE……