Some days ago, I met up with Hemant Shah an outsider, but veteran of the Jewelery business who had started his own business of Jewelery Retail – casual, chic, semi precious, precious.

He wanted some input on how this would be received via his unique ‘Jewellery on Wheels’ idea as well as the website.

My instinct reaction was – Brilliant idea, who is going to execute it? On hearing his answer that they would do it internally, my heart sank.

Since he had asked as a friend, I did not really push it much, but cautioned him about the pitfalls in terms of Consistency, Change, Coverage of area, backup.

Then, whilst I saw the enthusiasm that he was brimming with, wished him all the best!

Hemant Shah with his proud Vehicle

Hemant Shah with his proud Vehicle

They launched it with 3-4 custom made vehicles by Dilip Chhabaria. Worked on the novelty value for a while & then due to other factors also, had to shut it down.

Written by AD
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