Today’s Bombay Times carries an article dated 2nd December 2008   A CEO Mumbai

All the celebrities have answered this in their providing sound byte mode; but they are not at fault. Media to capitalize, sell more come up with such Questions do more harm than good.Because, the Q & answers are forgotten soon after, probably within the week. To support this….this publication has been asking the same Question for the past 5 years……

Mumbai needs a CEO… here’s why

asked on 21 Jul 2003,Yes, says international consulting firm McKinsey and Company. Definitely, says Nicholas Piramal Chairman Ajay Piramal.

Who commissioned this survey? Again the word Resilient – What happened? Transportation, Slums etc. where passion was running high. So why not do something about it? Always leave it to the government….The so called responsible citizens & publication, shoved it under.

If a CEO runs your city…

A week later 27 Jul 2003, same gyan; presented differently….by the McKinsey Bombay First Report. Sunday Times brings you a blueprint for your city, specially drafted by our team of CEOs — GREAT, who implements, Not us says McKinsey, we are just consultants…..

Living, commuting, politics
15 Aug 2003. A month later published research. A poll taken with no result in sight.

Call of the times: A CEO for Mumbai

Mumbai has a Mayor, Chief Minister, Governor besides the various citizens forums some of them headed by  Limousine Liberals (according to Jaitly) Central government representatives etc. but none of them want to be held accountable….GET A CEO….

Fact is that along with the politicians, people are the biggest terrorist. Every celebrity, citizen is into the ME First mode, even that is just verbal diarrhea, no concrete action.