Lets start a non-cooperation movement to show we are not taking this lying down. Something that can tell the leaders and politicians that we want our safety. A nameless, leaderless movement to show them how many we are and how angry, tired and frustrated we are. Lets all gather at Gateway of India. Coming wednesday, dec 3rd, evening 6pm to ask What’s our right? Right to live fearlessly. Lets devote one evening to it. Its worth it. If you agree, spread the message.

I received this message from Monica, Ravi, Fred, Jaidev, and numerous others…..

A noble thought…..but to what purpose?

How many are really going to gather there?
All different citizen’s forum is gathering there….who controls…what works?
How is everyone going to reach there – cars, trains, walking? Adding to congestion & police woes….
What government are they going to present – CM is busy saving his seat, home minister has resigned, mayor is busy gallivanting across the globe trying to learn from Israel, Governor cannot do anything, Raj, Uddhav & gang are busy with their strategy how to be up one another..

Let us not Americanize this event like 9/11. Remember we do not have the basics in place unlike the developed nations. Take a pragmatic view of getting the right information, draw up a immediate, short term plan, execute/implement so that the politicians understand the might & power of the citizens.

AND Like Shilpa Shetty says….I would avoid being there because the focus would be on celebrity rather than the forum.