S Achuthanandan – If it had not been (martyred commando) Sandeep’s house not even a dog would have glanced that way.

Sure thing Minister But Sandeep is a Martyr and a Dog did go there but this time the Dog got Peed on, feels great.

Vilasrao Deshmukh the modern day Nero: “He is not a terrorist” the maharashtra chief minister said after protests over his actor son Reitesh & director Ram Gopal Verma accompanying his delegation to the Taj.

‘Chief Minister you are not a Location Scout’ And remember Ram Gopal Verma ne Do Sarkar Banayi aur ab Ek Sarkar girayi!!!

RR Patil: “The odd incident doe happen in abig city like mumbai” said RR Patil during terrorist attack when he was state home minister & deputy CM.

Yup you are right Mr. Home Minister, Let this be a lesson to us….Do not elect anyone from the back waters & expect him to know how a city functions….

Muktar Abbas Naqvi: These are just a few women wearing lipstick and powder taking to the streets said the BJP leader about protesting citizens.

Again a lesson to be learnt….Whilst the comment is painful, we have the so called citizen’s forums, liberals who have done so in the past to thank for this. I pray that this does not turn into fact once again.

Shivraj Patil: 200 NSG & 65 army commandos are being rushed to Mumbai the former home minister said, negating the surprise element.

Finally, my turn to be on TV. Why should I let it go…..Hum bhi Minister hai!