The past 15 weeks have been one of great turmoil.


The past 3 weeks a period, of the greatest personal turmoil in the last decade.Serious business philosophy & ideological differences arose at DAMAS, the organization that I helped create in India ground up in the last 18 months – forcing me to evaluate myself. Not being an owner in the financial sense, however it was a heart wrenching decision, more so since a sense of helplessness pervades the entire being. More so, due to the aftermath of the decision, that shall weigh heavy.

Whilst I would only be able to only bid them Good Bye & God Speed after a long time, thanks to the legal & company requirement, Non Compete agreement in exchange for a fully paid layover, the learning I carry with me, will no doubt serve me well, the angst will remain personal!

So what does one do when one is 45, on an enforced paid sabbatical, numb & clueless about the direction one wishes/can hope to pursue?

It is at times such as these you recognize & separate the chaff from the wheat. The well wishers disappear; acquaintances are too busy to attend to your calls. With never a need of executive search in the past decade, you are not networked enough. With India Rocking, with economy, retail, hospitality, so on & so forth, I understand that everyone needs a mandate to hire someone.

Amongst the well wishers & friends, who described me as Ambitious; unpredictable; impressive; regal; wonder fool; enterprising; connected; dynamic; Resilient; I decided to take the last word to heart.

The first thing I did was to list my strengths and weaknesses. Looking back into history, the most productive period & happy days of my professional life have been when I conceptualize, a start up from scratch, meet new people, hire the best, make presentations, train, coach, mentor people, create organizations that have systems & processes and finally make me Redundant.

Once this decision was made, it became easier; to speak to the Head hunters who (Yes) have started calling slowly; also to other entrepreneurs; funds who are very keen at this moment to invest in me???

So, there is always a requirement of Good Men, and I shall be back soon!