It is now the 6th December 2008!

From the 29th to 3rd December passions ran high; text messages, emails, IM, facebook, twitter, glitter, paper – all means of second hand communication was employed by people known or unknown to you.

“Lets start something . Something. A non-cooperation movement. Something to show we are not taking this lying down. Something that can tell the leaders and politicians that we want our safety. Let it be started by the corporates. A nameless, leaderless movement. Lets show them how many we are and how angry and tired and frustrated we are. Lets all come together at Gateway of India. Coming wednesday, dec 3rd in evening at 6. Lets ask for what’s our right. Right to live fearlessly. Lets devote one evening of Our life to it. Its worth it. If you agree, spread the message.”

I did not say I was going & so did not. I was not against it; just that I did’nt feel that being there was important for me personally.

However, I was determined to find out from amongst those who had communicated to me; how many kept the faith….

Sent this message to my entire phone book-

“A lot of you sent sms, mails, about 3rd dec. Across india declaring privately/publicly that you would attend; exhorting everyone else. Could you share your thoughts, photos etc of the evening attended. If you did not, be honest to at least accept the fact. Anaggh”

Facebook – “Anaggh is wondering how many friends/acquaintances who sent sms forwards of attending Gateway did; if so can they share knowledge takeaway?”

Twitter – ” I wonder how many of those who confirmed reaching gateway found last minute excuses not to attend?”

AND some of the responses –

Love it annagh. Great that you’re getting people to get real. I’ve been so upset with people sending me messages about how angry they are and they wont keep quiet they wont tolerate. I ask them what they will do, they have no answers. – Monica

I could not as none of the ppl who I cud’ve gone with did & I felt weird going alone. I must have made around 9 calls! I also didnt think that would result in any concrete plan/ action. – Sunita

Ha ha good one. I did attend. Mukesh

I did not go and niether did I say I will go. i found the event purposeless. Anyway I am in hyderabad since last two days. Lalit

What 3rd Dec? Sundar

I have not attended but now WE should stop demonstrating and start changing our shelf and the system.Give me your mail id. Dharmen

???? Dharti

Neither did I send any SMS nor did I confirm/commit being there. I knew the number is going to be sizable, hence was not motivated to travel all the way. Karan

I was there. The mood was angry. Not just with pak but also with our politicians. The people were disciplined. No pushing and shoving just a clear cut demand for action not just against pak but also to clear up our own house. Jai Hind. Aparna

I didnt attnd. Tambe

Let me know how many you receive! Devangshu

K. The pics are with my friend. He’ll give it to me soon. I’ll share d experience with you. Monica

I was there . And I am extremely happy that I was there to share and show solidarity . Prasad K

I did not forward any such SMSs nor did i attend any meeting on 3rd December. However would love to get updates from those who attended. 🙂 Madhurie

I was there, will share my experience on mail. Prasad D

Teen December

Hi Anaggh,

When I reached Regal Talkies exactly at 5:45 pm, little did I expect that the place which already had around 7000 to 10000 persons on the road between Regal Talkies & Gateway of India, will be swarmed with nearly 1,00,000 to 1,50,000 in next one hour. Gathering was from all the section of the society, what was startling was the age group more young then old. You could see few faces in the crowd which were known, but so much at ease in the crowd.

The “Enough is Enough” feeling was everywhere. People in groups of 4, 5, 10, 50 and more were marching and slogans in the air were all aimed at present lot of leaders no one was spared, President, PM, CM et. al. “Gali Gali Mein Shor Hai, Leaders Saare Chor Hai” summarizes the entire thing.

Regular candle lighting, banners with various slogans, pamphlets, T-Shirts with different quotes, everything there was different and looked very scattered in thought & deed yet there was cohesiveness, there seemed to be a common demand “You do something or let us do it.” There were more questions on peoples faces then there were answers to it.

I have witnessed few such demonstrations previously, where no politician would dare to go. But this was different because of the sheer number of people turning up there.

After seeing that I think India is rising. There is hope afterall.

Prasad D

boss I pic taken-i abhor this photo op..bought a tshirt for a colleague who was w me n one for my daughter..took me 50mins to locate my car n dvr..lines wer jammed Snehal

I was there with two more people. One of them had sent her entire office staff of 10 participate as well. – Anil

I wasn’t going and so didn’t go. Not that I was against it but just that I did not feel that being there was important for me. Tushar

yes i did make it by 7pm through the radio club side. It was grt to be part of it. I was thr for abt 20 minutes and listened to these guys on a truck making speeches……………..I think it is a grt beginning….we should continue !!! Samit

To sum this up – I had received 100+ sms, emails, IM etc. on this movement. Received 18 responses.

And Yes, more than 100,000 people had gathered to show solidarity & where was the manifesto (in whatever form) presented – to Chief Secretary Johny Joseph ~~~~ Remember him ~~~ had no clue about the 26/7 floods a couple of year ago.

So get real folks….unless this is repeated on the 3rd of every month nothing much will happen except, photos, emails, blogs floating in the real world.

Remember Change  along with time also needs Commitment, Consistency, Constancy!