One more photo opportunity for the bollywood brigade which would prove nothing.

What difference is a black band really going to make?

Is it going to resurrect the dead? It is a meaningless gesture symbolic gesture that says you have done your bit. It is taking the easy way out.

Will it undo the ghastly tragedy that has befallen Bombay? Will it bring sense? Will it change the way everyone keeps talking crap about Muslims, Hindus, Christians – all caste & creed.

On one hand everyone given a media opportunity shouts from the roof tops that we are all one, we are all Indians, so on and forth; then why the need to go the extra mile to prove their allegiance with such stupid tokens of protest.

Let us understand & accept: Terrorists have no religion other than death.

It is a convenience factor to protest whenever one wishes to – Monday wear black, Wednesday wear white, another day light a candle at Gateway, all other building societies do their own number. AND the duly elected, so called people’s representatives dance around (resembling a cabaret with chorus – thanks to the so called security & hangers on); put large hoardings with their name in bold congratulating everyone & no one.

If you really want, declare the 26th of every month as remembrance day – do a non violence march/dress whatever universally across caste, creed, locality, the works. And that day – Why just Muslims? Every Indian should be wearing black bands in order to be counted as one. A befitting reply to those failed nations created on the basis of religion.

Save all this humbug crap BUT hold on the feeling of frustration, dissatisfaction. Use it to focus & galvanize oneself into action.