A couple of weeks, received an email from Sarita, announcing her impending visit for the reunion at Baroda and that she would be travelling via Mumbai! YES….we decided to meet up during her visit, though briefly, since she would not have much time.

A couple of days later, another email that said…..Anjali on her way back was also going to be in town, Khyati & Sejal en route to Baroda would also be there; to keep 31st December afternoon free; it would be good to meet up, with others too???

Sure thing! My dream come true….4 lovely ladies:); then Crash went all my dreams……since all others were mentioned…..BUT as they say, God looks after its innocent brethren….Sunita did not know anybody; Sonal probably knew Sejal since she came in 11th, Huseni was too far off; Sarabjit never returns any calls or attends reunions unless you force yourself into his office, so there I was……..

With a bit of muddling; mis communication about Anjali’s flight, Sejal & Khyati reached quite early at Sun N Sand where anjali was staying too. By the time Sarita (from Colaba) & me (from Lokhandwala) made our way, the ladies had run a riot in the coffee shop…..food, conversation et all was already in the cruise mode. Quickly loading Sarita’s bag into the car, so that we do not forget at the last minute:) we went in & there was chaos…..my personal observation is that only the baggikhana can create so much noise….Prakash (anjali’s husband) smiled from the sidelines; whilst Priyanka her daughter looked stunned for a while, wondering how her prim & propah mamma turned into someone, whom she could not really identify, but guess it was the company.

Whilst, ordering pizzas to continue the food saga, we quickly did away with the photographs (me for proof…..eat your heart out milind, sumir, natu, ajay, PP…..and Sundar…..hum toh aise hi hai, ab tum preach mat karna). With the number of cameras, looked like a photographers convention. Before the Repast

Then the questions & answers started……whilst in no particular order……some people with their wit, charisma took pole position…..

Nitin, Neelam, Sundar, Milind, Jayesh, Natu, PP’s far east travails, everyone’s technological challenges; flitting from 77 to 2008 without worrying about the in between years & YES we concentrated in sharing information (gossiping for the uninitiated) about everyone not present there & our lips are zippered…..

There was curiosity about two reunions, but we swept it under the carpet like those fights 30 years ago & decided to have a blast, reliving the present & future…..However a couple of Q raised by the ladies stumped me & my respectable memory did a Ghajini on me…..Can some one help me pick up the pieces….Sundar, Nitin Wadi, Ajay…..whoever

When did I join BHS?
Which Division was I in till the 10th?
Which Division was I in the 11th & 12th?
Did I opt for Science or Commerce?

During this time, a couple of comments like……you were never seen in BHS; not talkative; quiet….made my day!!!….BHS Boys eat your heart out.

With Time closing past, it veered to when & where do we have our next Reunion…..whilst it may not be feasible for everyone to attend……we decided LONDON…….one of my favorite places, now with Prakash & Hitesh (Sarita’s husband, not met but sounds our kind).

Pushing each other away from the table, making an effort to leave, with the girls having to catch the Baroda flight and my Girls (wife & daughter waiting for the evening party plan) started walking towards the entrance. And here Priyanka made an observations….

You are in control, like to control, are you a Leo…..everyone burst out laughing….Anjali clarified that I was a Saggi….but she was correct, after 20 years of living with a LEO (Nippa my wife for those who have not met); a lot of characteristics have been transferred.  Leave Taking

A couple of snaps outside the hotel & off everyone went……Sarita, Khyati, Sejal to catch the Baroda flight; Me to attend 2 birthday parties & 2 New Year Eve; Anjali & family to relax a while, explore the beach & take the sight seeing the next day of Taj; Trident & all…..similar to what Doc Nene insisted on during his brief visit a couple of weeks back…….