Dear Teachers,

I write on behalf of probably all my friends, classmates, present & absent on the 10th January 2009!

It was an occasion that brought about old warm memories, anecdotes that shall sustain us over the years. It was a privilege to have studied under all of you, gather knowledge, punishment for our/someone Else’s crimes and warm wishes & blessings from you.

As Deepak our peon reminded me about how someone else was caught when I disappeared after ringing the school bell; how Major Kaul had followed us around the school compound one day, whilst we were struggling to eat the samosas, tuck in our shirts, put the tie on, gather books from where we had stashed them, all the while praying for the bell to ring for recess:)

Having shifted from Bombay then…..Gujarati was an alien language to me….IT STILL IS……our teacher Mrs. Haathi despaired trying to teach me….till in disgust almost every period (at least the ones I attended) she used to throw up her hands & tell me “I doubt about your future” This refrain was echoed by the maths & science teachers also. However the same Mrs. Haathi was one of the first ones to congratulate me on the 10th std result, having scored the 2nd highest in stream…..but then she realised 11th & 12th were still to be completed; so the refrain began again…….

Finishing school, college, work began……the final time I met her was when down from Calcutta, I went to visit the school and met her. She was delighted & gracious when she learnt what I had achieved in the short time I had begun to work. She asked me “Was I too harsh on you?” and the answer came from within ” No Thank you Mam; I would not have reached here without all of you”

So here goes THANK YOU once again to at least all of those who made time for us in the past & on the 10th January.

Whilst as with Life, with good things, you take the bad also…..

Please accept our abject & sincere apologies for the way we treated you on this day where……

1)   We just invited you, instead of making arrangements to bring you.
2)   Some of you had to change 2 buses, walk a kilometer to make it to the venue; whilst some braved their way on scooter.
3)   We did not recognize you, but gave away hastily wrapped flowers, nay they were not bouquets.
4)   We did not realize that age has caught up with you, making you walk out again for dinner, instead of having a sit down service for you.
5)   We did not make arrangements to drop you after the long evening.


Whilst you have remained the same CONSIDERATE, HELPFUL, KIND, GENEROUS, CARING, GIVING….

With abject apology, I on behalf of all my friends & class mates request you to FORGIVE US our transgressions once again with the same warmth.

We remain yours,

~@naggh~ & all BHS class of 77-79