It was quite a pleasant shock to receiving money back when one handed over a large note for 2 tickets at a nearby multiplex.

Whilst I guess there are numerous reasons for the price reductions & why not? If everyone can do it.

However I have always been curious to know, why do the multiplex chains not weave in the loyalty factor, so to speak.

A couple of examples may illustrate this point –

A couple of friends are always keen to either watch a movie on thursday night (paid preview) or friday night i.e before any review clutters the mind. It is painful to find out if there is a paid preview, when would booking open (thanks to yashji undecided whether to release in multiplex etc) amongst other. Can there not be a card with the prefixed seat number for a month/quarter/year that one could buy (this could be for 1/2/4 seats) so that one is assured of the seat, the multiplex is assured of income in advance, which overcomes the problem of discount being offered. Here there can be variants…..such as days; combos etc. that could be introduced.

And now cutting prices – at 40% why not try out the 1:1 for people, movies, timings what have you. Take a leaf off the pizza guys.

And yes I know, some of them do have offers, unfortunately the conditions are so constraining that you just decide to give up.

AND MY FAVORITE – Just like the airline, pizza, mcdonald etc. Why can you not offer the add on/Up sell in the beginning, when tickets are bought – Sir would you also like to order your coke, popcorn, samosa to be brought to your seat…..this can work on internet, tele booking & of course the counter.

This keeps customers happy; allows logistical planning & more important adds revenue!!

Multiplex owners write into me for more nuggets:)

Multiplexes cut movie ticket prices by 40%

Written by AD
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