Requested by my daughter to pay off her invoice – because she was too busy with the 12th board exams, reached the place around 12 noon.

Quite full as is normally the case. There was a long line outside where the automated counter was – with the security & staff helping everyone to understand how to use the machine. As usual, only one was working. So went in & stood in the line at the counter. After 20 minutes finally reached & recited the number 9920……….; the staff confirmed the name, recited the amount 655/-. Took out the money & was promptly informed that NO CASH could be accepted, for that I would have to use the automated service. So I asked him, why was it not written on the glass where it stated “Payment here” – reply company policy sir!

Quietly paid & went off.

So guess there is company policy which does not have consumer policy!!

Written by AD
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