Went to hypercity after a long time with the wife. Whilst she was adding to their profits, I decided to pay off the cell bill & check if I could get some lovely deal on my sms usage.

The bill was paid immediately & then the pain began. Told to take a token, for which there was a person who would allot. The printer was not working, so verbally was given the number. Whilst waiting for it to be called, glanced at the counters – 4 of them – only 2 were working with 3 people clustered around them. The manager was moving up & down talking on his phone.

My phone which was on the blink, so trying to fix it (more likely damage it more) raised it high trying to peer into it…phew…was surrounded by the manager & 2 more trainees, who informed me that photography was prohibited, on my blank look, they gestured to the phone & repeated it. Having waited for 15 minutes with no luck, asked them, what is the problem in taking a photograph – company policy was the answer – so I said OK if I step back, I am in hypercity, so then I can photograph; promptly the answer was, that depends on hypercity.

So then I politely asked him, why does it take so much time to attend to a customer & why 2/3 staff are clustered on each counter, whereas the other 2 are empty. Some vague reply, with the question – sir are you in hypercity? why don’t we give you a call & you can come over?

Impressive, I said so to myself, gave my number & went shopping.

This happened around the first week of february, today 25th midnight, still wait for the promised call.

Written by AD
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