Opening my Linkedin homepage & saw Mohit Nigam asking the question – Why every Retail Group wish to take the opportunity of recession to reduce their manpower instead of uniting team to fight with vigor to grow his organisation?

Playing the Devil’s advocate here – What would you prefer? shutting down the business finally due to financial losses or at least continuing with less people who are happy for the time being. But there is a chicken & egg situation here. Sometimes the Top Down & sometimes the Bottom Up is what creates the problem. E.G. Whilst launching the Business Model during good times, it is the top who at times forces an extremely optimistic view, leading to projected high growth thereby leading to over recruitment (maybe more than 20% also) reasons being cited – as varied as training takes time; competition shall take them away; we are very aggressive. AND sometimes it the front level managers who think/are on a fast growth (not realizing that whatever goes up comes down – maybe faster at times) want to impress, consolidate, rise in their position project the future as Rosy….till the thorns hit. Here it is also a fact that during recession, why do employees get more conscientious of their duties, time & are willing to go the extra mile WHEREAS earlier the same employees would be extremely insistent on a host of things. So it cannot be a blanket statement – There are Bad Apples on both sides & this has to be kept in mind.

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