The Turmoil that rocked me professionally during 2007 also helped me focus on family, friends, health in no particular order.

Visited Bangalore twice during the period of 15 months, catching up with friends, Kenny, Sanjar of Panache, Sundar, amongst others.

During one of the visit, ended up with a torn ligament in the right leg….(a different story involving sanjar tells it how?).

Trying to set it right with physiotherapy, one fine evening, at Juhu Natural, managed to twist my other leg & hand, thanks to BMC open gutter…..

So whilst the orthopedic surgeon wanted to avoid, any invasive surgery etc., bed rest was the only solution, leading to a weight gain still.

In the meantime, somebody had recommended Naini Setalvad & another dietitian; both whom did not last more than a month, for different reasons.

It was in August 2008. 16 August to be precise, when during my wife’s birthday, I decided to write down what I wanted to do & how I would do it…..

Having met, visited so many experts; read about it, a couple of facts stared me in the face….

1) The subconscious is an internal thermostat controlling success level. If it does not believe in loosing the weight, no diet can reduce weight.

2) Irrespective of what you eat….it is the quantity that matters.

3) Irrespective of your diet control, you need to exercise.

Then the process started…..


I started going to the Jogger’s Park, parking the car & walking….initially slowly, dragging myself for 5-10 minutes & then collapsing on a bench. Finally managed to get up to a decent continuous 15 minutes!

Then, loosing interest, went to the Gym at the club where I was a member. Was reasonably regular, 4 days a week, doing 10 minutes of treadmill & 10 minutes of cycling.


From September 2008, I started eating 5-6 times a day

8-9 am     Breakfast 1 Cup of Tea with 11/2 Khakhra or 5 Marie biscuits

11 am       4-5 walnuts/Rasins/Fruit

12.30-1   Lunch – 2 Roti, dry veg, dal, dahi

4-5.30     Fruit – apple, pineapple etc./Sandwich

8.30 – 9   Dinner – Soup/Subway/Idli/Eggs/Tandoori Chicken/Fish

Drinks came down to maybe once a week, then also only staunch whiskey with water.

Cultivated eating something before going out/drinks.

Made an exception on Sunday, where I allowed myself a vada or shared a pizza against earlier couple of vadas & pizza.

Oh! Yes, from 2 bottles of thumsup/coke a day, gave it up nearly except maybe once a fortnight or similar.

Water consumption went up from a couple of glasses to 1.5 litres.

During this enforced rest, did everything I wanted to……..

Having gone grey since I was 22/23 years old (hereditary to an extent & circumstances:)) finally decided to stop contributing to L’oreal’s bottomline & went Bald, realising that the new Salt & Pepper was the In thing:)

George Clooney, I was not, but the Change had begun & was visible.