The Gym at the Renaissance Club, which had seen me visiting it a couple of days a week, decided it had enough & gave way in December 2008.

With the management putting it under renovation – whatever that meant – it was back joggers park.

During this month, which also has my birthday, that was celebrated by my friends in my wife’s absence.

Coming back from her trip, hearing about the closure, she made a couple of trips without telling me; till one fine weekend in January, she took me to Fitness First – one of the most happening, latest & posh Gym this part of the town!

She had GIFTED me with a GYM membership!

Could not believe my ears & eyes……

Man…O…..Man, this was like a dream come true. Enough machines to keep one happy, steam, sauna, private classes on a whole lot of exercise & what have you!

So on 3rd of February joined the Gym! After the first couple of days of showing me around, I was told that it would be good to have a Personal Trainer – when I heard about the cost – I freaked out, almost stopped going:)

On thinking it thru, I realised that this was their Sales Technique & why should I object….Did I not tell my people to Upsell everytime someone entered the store…..

Sitting down with them, explained in no unclear terms my requirements & goals (short term 3-6 months)

  • to be enthusiastic to attend the Gym 4-5 days a week
  • to have a treadmill & cycle free, where beginning with 5-7 minutes, reach upto 20 minutes each.
  • to initiate basic free hand exercises for arms & legs to get the stiffness (thanks to the ligament tears) rotating out.
  • to build stamina; followed by strength
  • finally lose weight.

This was drawn up & we began………

Some observations during the month…….

  • 80% of the people attending the Gym do not need to attend, but spend the maximum time there.
  • Most of the trainers are good, however 1on1 training is where there is maximum focus.
  • The facilities are extremely good, well maintained.
  • 20% of the people attending the Gym do need to attend & thanks to the ambiance start spending more time.
  • Everyone drinks different protein shakes & what have you.

Status End of February:

Attended 20 days.

I could do 18+10 minutes of cardio (treadmill & cycling) one day & the next day 10 minutes of treadmill followed by 2 sets of 2 legs & 2 arms free style exercises.