The long weekend of 27/28/29 March loomed over & reminded one of the taxes to be paid, financial year ending & what not.

Friends who had not met up for a couple of months decided to drive down to Daman/Silvassa for the long weekend from Bombay, Ahmedabad, Baroda.

The program began more than a month ago (more so because it had been tried 6 months ago & were let down by the ahmedabad team).

There were 2-3 from Ahmedabad; 4 from Baroda; 3 from Bombay.

  • First there were bachelors
  • Then with wives
  • Then for 2 days
  • Then Ahmedabad fell out again.
  • Naren had a family emergency, having to rush to Indore for a couple of days.
  • Mehul had to rush to Valsad with his family.

And so ended the plans for Daman. Whilst it did not really affect me too much, with Navratri already begun, a time when I do not imbibe neither do I eat non veg.

Relaxing, I get a call from Sumir that he is flying off to Africa & was to come with me from Daman back to Mumbai. Now with the change in plans, he & ajay another school friend planned to reach Mumbai directly & wondered if we could meet up with the others.

Barely had I kept the phone down, Husseni called saying another friend who was down to India after nearly a decade or more wanted to meet up.

So as was usual, the organizing had to be done….which was done by my super efficiency so I say to myself:)

An email laid the tone:

Morning – Arrival Sumir & Ajay by Rajdhani

Shower & Chill for a couple of hours.

1) Quarter Deck (Mahesh Lunch Home branch) @ Four Bungalows OR

2) Trishna on New Link Road

Husseni & Bharat would join us there, since they would not be coming in the evening, having committed themselves elsewhere.

Come back home by 3, take a power nap unless want to catch a movie in multiplex & take a power nap there:)

Wake up refreshed by 6, get dressed, complete last minute shopping (usual for Sumir) & reach Renaissance Federation Club for cocktails & some nice moghlai food.

Ajay to leave for Baroda Express, & would drop Sumir to the airport.

Mehul & Naren would join us for a while.

Mail end…..

Morning went as per schedule with everyone reaching QuarterDeck at precisely 12noon:) when they open at 12.30pm

Using Sooraj (owner’s name) went in & occupied the place…..beginning with beer, followed by some gin/tonic the evening progressed till 4.30 pm interspersed with Surmai tava fry; Pomfret; Sukka Chicken & finally Fish Gassi – moi abstaining from everything except the peanuts, cold drink….

The afternoon was full of – What Happened to him/her? with Sumir & Bharat catching up about all the Bwanas & London Gyan.

The fallout of this was – Husseni cancelled his appoinment, Bharat decided to forgot about calling up someone he was supposed to & reach Renaissance Club:)

So off we went – Husseni & Bharat to his hotel to take a snooze; Sumir & Ajay to take a power nap. Ajay reeling from a mild headache & queasy stomach (having overstuffed himself more than usual). By the time, I went across with an asprin, both of them were in nodding land.

Getting up at 6 pm; asked my daughter & wife if one of them had surfaced – absolutely not – finally after a couple of peeping into the room – both of them got up at around 7.15 pm

Then the followup to call Husseni started….side by side Sumir helped himself to some gujju Dhokla made by my mum, before I managed to drag him away, trying to complete his shopping.

Finished it & waiting for him in the car, received a surprising call from Mehul – who had given up drinking from Jan 1, 2009 in favor of the gym – saying he had already reached the club & hurry up guys, time is wasting.

Reaching there – no sign & call from husseni, both their numbers coming as not reachable; the glasses & ice were put to use…with the first pour, I realized that the 1 litre would be over, luckily Naren was yet to come, so he carried another one…and the evening began in earnest.

Amongst the regular sesame toast, chana chaat, the specialty of the day King Fish & Raan were ordered to accompany the beer & whiskey.

Finally Ajay left to catch his train from Borivali instead of Bombay Central; Naren & Mehul were dropped off at 12.30 am before Sumir & Bharat being packed off at the International Airport, with promises of meeting up again & planning of other visits, which Sumir has planned with Mehul & Naren when he returns back on the 15th April.