A couple of weeks ago, on a thursday, back from the gym, with nobody at home decided to grab a subway @ infiniti mall.

After passing through the mandatory checks, parked the car & took the lift up to the food mall.

Since it was already late & a couple of nice english movies waiting at home, decided to grab a take away. Once the packing was done,  tried to take a lift to the basement. With the light still on, the lift refused to come up from the basement. Besides me a couple of other people with children were waiting peacefully.

Finally we went to the other side, where I asked the security, who told me that after 9 pm only one lift worked. Fair enough, in fact good that electricity conserving was being implemented. BUT, upon being asked that it was after 9 that I had come up & why was there no notice informing visitors of the same. No answer except the standard one, please ask the office.

So down I went in my citizenary zeal & asked the customer service who looked completely blank at me, maybe since I interrupted his personal call to his girlfriend or whatever. After making me repeat the questions twice, he called the Security head, who had his own version & called the security gaurds, firing them for not informing me, coolly side stepping the fact of the notice.

Anyway NO ANSWER except being asked to call up the Infiniti Mall Office on 26374530 the next day and check with them. But yes they asked me not to take photos:)

YES! Did so twice, some vague, white wash offered & today more than a month later still NO SIGN!

I do not understand

  • Why Malls cannot spend a small amount on communicating with consumers?
  • Why citizens prefer to take the easy way out, instead of following it through?

It is small things like this which ensure that lethargy continues, the same corporators win, the same lok sabha shall come & all this Jaago Re! shall remain Soja Re!……

Written by AD
ex waiter, angadia, travel agent, dotcomer, dukaandaar, marketeer, people watcher. appreciates single malt, food, friends