After a year, during which friends kept talking about the problems in road, traffic on the NH8 near Surat, decided to take the risk and visit Baroda, then to Ambaji and back.

Left on the 17th April @ 8.30 am. The road was clean, clear, air crisp making the drive a pleasure right up till we stopped for breakfast at Kamat. However there was a complete re branding done with Vittal Kamat smiling down at you.

Thankfully the food was the same, good, hot with fast service.

After a quick break, we were on our way again. With a couple of stops to use the facilities & cold drinks, we whizzed past surat, bharuch and were in Baroda by 4 pm.

With all the stops our actual driving time was 61/2 hours. AND within the next two months, the flyovers and other work shall be completed, giving a lovely 6 lane drive from Bombay to Baroda within 5 hours!