A couple of days ago, sunday to be precise, my daughter & I decided to order a Domino’s pizza for dinner at around 9 pm.

She called up, order taken promptly (we do order regularly:)) and delivered under 30 minutes. Whilst taking the box, she noticed that the coke & jalapeno dip ordered was not there. The young man said deduct the amount & pay.


By the time, hungry I had come out & asked my daughter to call up Domino’s which we did. The nice english speaking gentleman at the other end, said the same thing, when I insisted that I wanted the complete order asked to speak to his delivery person. After which he said that the coke would be got from downstairs & delivered. It was here I had to firmly ask him:

  • Could I not have ordered it if that was the case (remember this is Lokhandwala where delivery is done till 12 midnight even for <50 Rs)
  • We had spent 10 minutes arguing, the pizza was getting colder and how was one supposed to eat the bread without the dip.
  • Why could the order not be replaced?

I think the message went through & he agreed after confirming that time is not the issue. Having had a variety of experiences with others earlier, I did not pay & kept the pizza till the new one was delivered; which it was within 20 minutes – the complete order this time.

After demolishing our dinner, I called up domino’s again with an intention of commending for the customer service, however to my surprise a lady picked up but had no clue about the problem faced, though she sounded happy to receive the compliment.

The next day, I lodged the compliment on the website also, receiving a vague templated reply.

It is indeed surprising that in spite of the software being used to identify customers, remember orders, it does not capture preferences, problems of customers or is it that the gentleman did not enter the problem. This is something Domino’s would have to look for internally.

As far as I go, yes I was satisfied with the service & shall definitely order again.

Written by AD
ex waiter, angadia, travel agent, dotcomer, dukaandaar, marketeer, people watcher. appreciates single malt, food, friends