I had written about Parking going high tech here.

Yesterday, trying to park at Irla Amar Juice had another experience. Handing over Rs. 10/- as the slip was given to me, the man returned Rs. 5/- along with it.

Looking at my quizzical expression, he told me that was the charge. This aroused my curiousity & I quizzed him about the rates.

He claimed ignorance, but said that the sub contractor was saying – charges different at different places – eg Rs. 10/- near Juhu Scheme, Rs. 20/- near Juhu, Rs. 30/- near Alfa Irla and so on.

Whilst this is welcome, I still fail to understand why is double parking allowed? Why traffic police support is not provided so that driver sitting in those vehicles are made to park & pay for it instead of the usual Saab aaraha hai!

It is surprising & shocking that you can afford a four wheeler but not its parking fees.

I would really love to know what kind of different charges are being levied across bombay, so do write in & let me know:)