Every critic, their relatives have added their two bits about the movie that has supposedly grossed more than ‘Ghajini’ incidentally which I have not seen yet.

Having nothing better to do this Sunday evening, waiting for the family to come home & decide whether they want to feed me or ???? I thought to myself – why should I be left out – hence my two bit random thoughts about the hot & happening movie –

  • It is a given that Panju/Sardars have a love story? – Is it the sarso ka saag, lassi churned in washing machines or green fields that is responsible for this?
  • Period may be OK, Haveli standard like all films & more so chowk similar to Jab we Met – maybe the same?
  • Cycles look a decade or so younger
  • Paaji has to run a Dhabha or a Cafe now irrespective of the fact that he worked in a furnace
  • Good songs, famed choreographers but all of them together cannot make “Saif, dance saala” who looks, acts like a jaded rapscallion & mostly tiresome.
  • Deepika a bit better, sounding like a marathi mulgi; speaking mangmarathi vernac english in London & Art restoration with a couple of paint brushes!! No wonder Purana Killa looks like it is
  • Rahul Khanna with a perpetual constipated “WTF” look
  • Harleen – Brazilian as they come reminded me in some scenes of Sonu Walia the erstwhile actor who had a squint
  • Rishi reminded me of myself….with the spirit & mind extremely willing along with the flesh too.
  • And Neetu rocks..

Worth a watch, if you have nothing to do; But found it a caricature attempt overall on today’s & yesteryear’s generation!