This is something which keeps cropping up amongst peers, friends, acquaintances with everyone having their own view.

Keeping in mind the economic scenario globally, there seems to be some factors that seem to have changed during the year.

Proven cross functional skills seem to have gained importance this year, which overall seems warranted.

The ability to manage & more importantly inspire teams, holding them together is another factor which has seen being specified more often.

AND the need of being able to communicate effectively & constantly; whilst being extremely results driven is a critical factor that is being evaluated.

Some of the Better candidates would also need to keep the following in mind also:

  • Don’t hesitate to take complex decisions with available data, which at times may be insufficient; remaining calm under pressure
  • Need to exhibit strong process orientation, whilst being personally flexible in terms of mobility & willingness to learn.


  • Remember to be big picture thinkers, capable of broad strategic implementable vision for themselves & the organization that they shall lead.
  • International Exposure & high personal integrity are two more elements that have moved across from being ‘Desirable’ to being ‘Imperative’

I would love some more thoughts on this.

Written by AD
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