It had been quite a long time since we had gathered, so on popular demand we kept 28th & 29th of August as party days with mine & mehul’s houses as the venue, so that it could be a long innings so to speak.

All confirmations were received, plans in order, when in the evening Sonal calls that I have left from Santa Cruz & need to buy a cake. For a while puzzlement hit me, since the menu already had sweet dish some lovely kulfi from Taj Kulfi before it struck me that 30th August was her birthday & Tushar was coming straight from Delhi by 11.30 pm

So, off we went to search for a cake – dark chocolate only –  at 9.30 in the night….AND it is for no reason that I am good organizer….managed it, asked them to deliver & reached the venue.

The Party began…shall be described elsewhere in detail….And finally the Cake came, but could not be delivered since One phase of electricity had gone, so no lift & he refused to climb 16 floors (even I would). So the cake waited down till an hour later Tushar came from Delhi.

When he finally reached the venue, he was zonked on learning that the lifts do not work & it would be a couple of hours before they would work….BUT the Love overcame…..AND Tushar climbed 16 floors with the Cake so as to reach 3-4 minutes before the dreaded 12 midnight so that he was the first person to wish Sonal…..Kya love hai itne saal ke baad bhi yaaron…..Some photu to celebrate that….God Bless!