A couple of days ago, some men took away covers from the drainage in our society. Whilst the watchmen chased them, they ran away & nothing much could be done, since it was 3.30 am

The very next day one of them returned to do some more damage & was caught by the watchmen on duty. Being the chairperson of the society was called down to decide what could be done with the person who was caught….since he claimed to be a “Khabri” (informer) of the Oshiwara police station.

Salim - the so called Khabri of Police

Salim - the so called Khabri of Police

So I called 100 from my cell phone – took 3 tries but managed to get through. Impressed with the efficiency of the constable who took down the details & said somebody would be there within 10 minutes.

Whilst, the druggie kept shouting, I decided to call the local police station – Oshiwara – in this case, just to be on the safe side, After 15 rings some constable picked up the phone. Upon explaining, he asked for the address & then began my problem – we supposedly fell into Amboli Police Station – No amount of arguing, cajoling, GPS, Google convinced him that it was not the case.

So finally took the number from him & called Amboli Police Station, which gave the same run around, with finally telling me that both the police stations are next door to each other in the same compound!

Back, to Oshiwara & managed to convince them to send someone.

20 minutes later finally a cop walked in & started firing questions to everyone generally:

  • Who is this?
  • Who called?
  • Why did you waste time unnecessarily
  • These druggies are useless

When I spoke tough with him, saying that the said druggie also claimed to be a murderer & asked for his ID, he said Ok Ok, I’ll take him, but send the watchmen to write a complaint.

Just as they were going out, a police vehicle came up, sent by 100 control inquiring about the incident, upon which our man tried to impress that he had everything under control.

The entire episode took an hour & half, but I was most impressed by the control 100…..with just a bit of more manpower & automation, they can do wonders.

Keep it going Mumbai Police