A couple of months back, the wife had gone for a play at Mithibai. After dropping her & my parents, the driver parked the car in a by lane & was getting down; when Bam a car came from outside of the society compound & hit the car.

The driver was caught – a cleaner gurkha without license, from a business man’s family, taking the car for a joy ride, mistress fast asleep in the air conditioned house. He was taken to the Juhu Police Station for registering a complaint & there the following Learning came to light from the Head Constable –

  • Not too much damage (WTF, if it had been your car? what would you have done?)
  • Why did you bring him here? (So, did you expect us to take him for a movie or award night?)
  • Do you want to register a complaint (Nope, just came to meet my in laws)
  • Mandavli Karun Taaka (Take the money for repairs & finish the matter – What’s wrong with you?)
  • Oh, you want to claim more insurance etc.

All this while, my wife is explaining to him that the issue here is driving without a license coupled with the carelessness of the owners. Finally, an Inspector intervened, having understood the matter & asked the constable to do the needful quickly.

His owner was asked to come, but he was out of station, so a constable was sent to get the lady, who finally landed up herself, having realized that the car had disappeared….full of attitude, not even being worried about what had happened.

Net result – FIR was lodged, copy collected after a week & obviously the nepali boy is still roaming around with his mistresses car, maybe even having damaged more & the owners – rich though they are have no civic sense, but will be the first person to shout & ask for justice, if the same boy does something to them…..Such is Life!