A long time since we had a Single Malt evening with friends over, so the date was decided & friends came over in the evening…..

Macallan 30 YO was opened…the bouquet just spreading across. Each to his own Choice I say, but it was mostly 45 ml of water & 45 ml of whiskey, though I tried it with a chill water chaser too myself.

Surprisingly, we tried out some vegetarian starters such as specially made pattice – aloo covering with peas stuffing; some dry bhel etc. which went surprisingly well with the whiskey.

Whilst the non vegetarian starters also brought by Tushar were good, the meat did not go well with the whiskey….maybe try it with a little less masala the next time (oops there is no next time since the whiskey is over)

The Menu went something like this:


Macallan 30 YO brought by Mehul Some lovely Argentinian Red Wine provided by Dharti.

The rest was from the well stocked bar of yours truly.


Dry starters & salads were at home, Whilst Tushar & Sonal brought in some lovely Pattice as also some non veg kababs & chicken.

Main Course:

Kadhi & Rice were obviously home made; 2 vegetables; Dal; Chappati were outsourced this time around since Maid has done a disappearing act.


Kulfi from Taj Kulfi brought by Tushar & Sonal; whilst Wajid got some lovely Halwa puri which is normally available only during Ramzaan.

So the final tally of people went something like this

Wajid & Family;  Mehul & Family; Dharti.& Family; Sumir; Netra; Tushar & Family: Naren & Family; Husseni & Family; Neil & family.